Lil’ Red Slut Got Banged

August 21st, 2014 - Posted in Amateur

Lil' Red Slut Got Banged Watch This Video!

Studio: Sex Box VideoCherry Poppens can take a lot. She’s proven that time and again in any scene that she performs in. It takes more than 2 or more men to overrun her. So 3 to 4 male talent isn’t that more different when they gang bang her. She takes it from doggy-style position, as well as cow-girl, all while servicing 2 to 3 men simultaneously.

Stars: Cherry Poppens

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Assault On The Rectum Vol. 24

August 21st, 2014 - Posted in Anal

Assault On The Rectum Vol. 24 Watch This Video!

Studio: Sinister TVAre you ready to bring an all out assault on some beautiful behinds? Get your gear in order and prepare yourself for another great edition of Assault On The Rectum! Sinister TV is going on strong with their popular anal series. Don’t miss out on starlets like Olivia Saint, Justine Romee, Alana Evans, Alexandra Nice and Daniella Rush as they go wild and get their asses fucked!

Stars: Daniella Rush, Justine Romee, Olivia Saint, Alana Evans, Alexandra Nice

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Beauty Jeans Vol.15

August 21st, 2014 - Posted in Asian

Beauty Jeans Vol.15 Watch This Video!

Studio: CaribbeancomSerina loves how she looks in a slim fitting, and sexy pair of jeans! And naturally, many, many men also love how she looks in jeans too! The first scene features Serina modeling and showing off her curvy figure in the jeans. Eventually, she gets a hole cut in the jeans, right at the sweet spot at the crotch! Talk about easy access! If you love sexy Japanese girls in jeans, this movie is right in your wheel house!

Stars: Serina

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Cherry Poppers - Summer Vacation

August 20th, 2014 - Posted in Anal

Cherry Poppers - Summer Vacation Watch This Video!

Studio: Zane EntertainmentZane Entertainment Studios is back and bringin’ the heat with another installment of Cherry Poppers! It’s time for more cherry poppin’ action. Horny coeds get high marks and strong grades for an incredible capacity to take fierce poundings in the mouth, pussy and ass! Talk about an education! Party On! Featuring Alyssa Love, Shaye, Katie Gold and Holly Wood!

Stars: Katie Gold, Alyssa Love, Shaye, Holly Wood, Dave Hardman, Steve Hatcher

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Street Fighter Teen Ballbusting And Fucking

August 20th, 2014 - Posted in BDSM

Street Fighter Teen Ballbusting And Fucking Watch This Video!

Studio: Ultima EntertainmentCute yet vicious teen Dakota James embodies the role of Cammy in this XXX Cosplay Street Fighter parody! She goes head to head with Ryu (Eric Jover) in the ultimate erotic tournament and cums out the winner. Her prize? Her pussy gets worships and fucked by Ryu’s punching bag dick!

Stars: Dakota James (Female), Eric Jover

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Self Made Pleasures

August 20th, 2014 - Posted in Amateur

Self Made Pleasures Watch This Video!

Studio: AbbyWinters.comYou’re visiting the house of your best friend from school, and have unwisely decided to snoop in his sister’s room. You hear her coming down the hallway and dart into her closet to hide, making it just in time before a beautiful young woman comes in and gently closes the door behind her. She begins o undo the buttons of her cotton sundress, lets it drop to the floor and steps over it, revealing her pert nipples and curvaceous body. She climbs into bed and delicately runs her hand over her long leg. Her face is prettily flushed as she squeezes her breasts and lets out a gentle moan. She then starts touching and rubbing her pussy, spreading her labia to reveal a swollen clit. She tickled and rubs her clit into a frenzy and has an orgasm right before your very eyes.

Stars: Leah K, Carian, Sasha, Lacie, Mina, Aletta, Alyssa, Renae, Evelina

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Magic Moments Presents Jerzi Lynn

August 20th, 2014 - Posted in Amateur

Magic Moments Presents Jerzi Lynn Watch This Video!

Studio: Magic MomentsMagic Moments presents Jerzi Lynn. Jerzi is a petite and bubbly girl with a very open spirit. She gets straight the point almost immediately removing her clothes to get you a better view of her small frame. She rubs on her pussy before pulling out one of the biggest cock suckers I’ve ever seen and sucks on it. Is she going to put it in her pussy? Yes she is! She penetrates her pussy with her cock sucker, getting everything sticky and wet. Oh, she’s not done yet. She goes into the bathroom to brush her teeth and who would have known that would entice her to place those vibrating bristles on her clit? She masturbates with her toothbrush then hops in the shower. Before she’s done for the day, she tries on some sexy lingerie with fishnet stockings and plays with her pussy once more. Will we ever see her again?

Stars: Jerzi Lynn

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Mean Girls Vol. 10 - Ball Busting Bonanza

August 20th, 2014 - Posted in BDSM

Mean Girls Vol. 10 - Ball Busting Bonanza Watch This Video!

Studio: Mean Girls StudiosBoner-Boy Gets Busted!

This is the BALLBUSTING part of Us beating on “boner-boy” during his tryout to be a Mean Girls slave. Me n Princess Lynna take turns going to town on his BALLS from the front and behind. THIS IS PROBABLY ONE OF THE LONGEST, HOTTEST, AND HARDEST BB CLIPS WE’VE EVER DONE. CHECK OUT THE WICKED POINTED TOES OF OUR BOOTS!!

Ballbusting Newbie

This is a real-life “fan” of Ours that wrote in begging to be in Our ballbusting videos and bragging about how it thought that it could “take whatever We dish out”. So We made it send in its $100 amazon GC as a deposit to make sure it showed up, then gave it a chance to “put its money where its mouth is” and earn it back with its balls! Its very simple, you see. If you show up and take a good ballkicking from Us, its FREE! You get your $ back. If you DON’T…well, whatch this video and you will see! LOL.

After a few minutes, this “big, tough guy” falls on the ground and actually starts crying! The pussy actually gives up and practically runs out of the house because it couldn’t take it! (Can you believe that? We are NOT making this up!) Then, it has the nerve to actually come crawling back about 15 minutes later! So I give it another chance after it begs, and then give it a few more good and proper kicks to the balls with My white pointy-toed pumps and it squealed!

I was so frustrated afterwards, that I actually brought another RELIABLE ballbusting slave out to show this newbie loser how its done. (I actually made the “failure” slave hold the camera and record that part! LOL) You slaves out there think you can handle this? Don’t waste my time if you can’t!

Fear Ashes Flats

Ash Hollywood has her expensive (and VERY well-worn!) Tory Burch flats on. She decides she wants to kick a slave in the balls over and over with them. She starts by making him LICK them though! And comments about how she can feel his tongue on her toes through the thin leather! Then she makes him stand and REEEALLLY spread his legs REALLY far apart so she can make solid contact with his balls with each kick! She even stands full-weight on his BALLS at one point. She then spends the rest of the video slamming her flats - that the slave just licked - into his balls over and over!

Broken By Jasmines Boots

We gave this slave to Ms. Mendez to beat on as much as she wanted and challenged her to “break” it. She LOVED the idea of being able to BEAT ON a lowly piece of male PROPERTY as much as she wanted! It is Goddess Randi’s slave and she literally told Jasmine that she didn’t care what she did to the “thing” LOL. It just a pain slave for her, so this is what it is made for- to be beaten for Our enjoyment.

In this part Jasmine lets fly with the hardest kicks she can possibly deliver with her amazon legs right into the slaves crotch. There are SERIOUS “toe punts” direct to its groin. The slave was “broken rather quickly, although Jasmine made him take MORE even after he begged her to stop! (She didn’t even bother to take his shorts off she was so excited to kick a slave in the balls as hard as she wanted without having to hold back at all!) These are some of the hardest kicks we have ever seen delivered to a slave’s groin. And Jasmine just laughs as the slave kneels before her, begging for mercy… At one point he actually DARED to put his hands out a few times to try to block the kicks! And Jasmine was having NONE of that!

Stars: Princess Lynna, Ash Hollywood, Jasmine Mendez

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Amateur And Hairy Volume 2

August 20th, 2014 - Posted in Amateur

Amateur And Hairy Volume 2 Watch This Video!

Studio: Amateur XXXWe love amateur girls! They’re so fresh and untouched, with real boobies and real smiles and real orgasms and real…hairy! Directors JB and Lana Evans bring you “Amateur and Hairy Vol. 2” starring Suzie, Brooke, and Britney, three super cute amateur girls who love their hairy, all natural bushes and are eager to show them off! Watch Suzie masturbate for the camera, while Brooke and Britney have some fun with guys!

Stars: Brooke, Britney, Suzie

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Denver Muscle Babes

August 20th, 2014 - Posted in Amateur

Denver Muscle Babes Watch This Video!

Studio: Iron BellesCome into the hot n’ sensual world Of Denver Muscle Babes…very muscular, very athletic, and very, very sexy! Marina and Iron Liberty meet each other in the gym and there is muscle-love at first sight! Muscle admiration of each other working out, touchy feely, sensual talk and then taking it down to the mats and getting much, much closer and personal. They compare their bouncing pectorals in the mirror, they crunch their magnificent abs together, they intertwine their musclebods together and even share a muscle kiss. Then the big muscle beast, Laurie Larson, makes her grand entrance into the room, surprise by what she sees going down. She quickly becomes enthralled in the moment and then muscle magic happens. You’ll just have to see for yourself!

Stars: Laurie Larson, Marina, Iron Liberty

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Nikubenki Ikuseijyo - Shibuya Kei Gyaru Ni Buchikonde Mimashita

August 20th, 2014 - Posted in Asian

Nikubenki Ikuseijyo - Shibuya Kei Gyaru Ni Buchikonde Mimashita Watch This Video!

Studio: CaribbeancomNikubenki Ikuseijyo - Shibuya Kei Gyaru Ni Buchikonde Mimashita is another Caribbeancom movie featuring the cute and petite Japanese starlet only known as Moment. In the film, Moment gets persuaded to follow by two horned up Japanese guys. Moment finds herself restrained and getting her beautiful pussy worked over by their wanting hands, fingers and even a few vibrators. The second scene is the main course, as Moment goes buck wild with the men in a crazed MMF threesome!

Stars: Moment

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Assault On The Rectum Vol. 15

August 20th, 2014 - Posted in Anal

Assault On The Rectum Vol. 15 Watch This Video!

Studio: Sinister TVSinister X Films presents ‘Assault On The Rectum Volume 15’. Watch as these little sex pots take on cock after cock. In the bedroom or in the living room, these girls don’t care where they get fucked, just as long as they feel a big hard cock deep in their tight little hole. That’s not the only thing that’s hot about this video; there are a few memorable dick sucking moments as well. Not only are these girls professional cocksuckers, they are anal princesses!

Stars: Alana Evans, Heather Lyn, Michelle Raven, Amber Roxx

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Last Day Of The Month

August 20th, 2014 - Posted in BDSM

Last Day Of The Month Watch This Video!

Studio: Girls-Boarding-School.comEmma is fast asleep in her nice cozy bed – quite oblivious as to what is about to happen to her. Headmaster Tom knocks on her bedroom door and, without waiting for a reply, he walks purposefully into her room. He’s carrying a cane. Reminding Emma that it’s the last day of the month and that means it’s punishment day. He asks to see her punishment book. Oh dear! The first few days in October she was well behaved. However, from the sixth onwards, she was in trouble daily – from failing her tests yet again to shoplifting. She is told to get in position.

Still half asleep, like a zombie she piles her bedding up in the middle of the bed. Pulling down her pajama bottoms, she lies face down over the pile of bedding; her smooth pink bottom awaits punishment. The Headmaster puts the cane to good use, bringing it down hard on her bottom, causing lines and welts to appear. She tries to tell him that she’s learned her lesson. He doesn’t agree, but as it’s time she went to school – her punishment would be continued that evening after school. She hurriedly dresses into her uniform of white school blouse and navy skirt. Pulling on her navy blue knickers and white knee high socks, she sets off to go to school, knowing she has more of the same to look forward to that evening.

Stars: Emma, Headmaster Tom

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Swagger Like Us - Ghetto & Country (694955002693)

August 20th, 2014 - Posted in Amateur

Swagger Like Us - Ghetto & Country (694955002693) Watch This Video!

Studio: MVD EntertainmentEven if you don’t like me – I bet you fall in love with my ride! It’s time to show off the tricked out rides; Southern Hospitality-style! Drop tops, chrome detailing and hot weather is the perfect formula to get the big-booty girls to show it all off! Come and get a Raw and uncut look at how they get down in the Dirty South. From Atlanta to Daytona to South Beach, catch a real glimpse of the lifestyle. Check out the cars, the women and the playas as they ball out of control at Black College Reunion, ATL’s Freaknik, South Carolina’s Bike Week and South Beach’s Memorial Weekend. Forget what you heard; see it up close and personal!! We even turn it all the way up with girl-on-girl action to leave you looking forward to the next Freaknik as only MVD Entertainment can!
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Sexy Streets Europe 10

August 19th, 2014 - Posted in Amateur

Sexy Streets Europe 10 Watch This Video!

Studio: Kinky Europe ProductionsNikki and Jasmin are ready to take you site-seeing around the streets of Europe – the Kinky Europe way! Watch as these two bodaciously bold babes start the fun with a bounce on a giant trampoline before they head to the beach for some wet and wild fun as only these kinky tarts can do it! Next, they ride to a secluded area where they turn up the heat just a little by arranging themselves into different sex poses for the camera. Posing has this horny trio so turned on, they start to lick, stick, fondle and fuck each other right there on the spot – and they don’t stop until they swap the spunk that’s coated their faces. A perfect ending for a perfect outing!

Stars: Nikki, Jasmin

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First Timers Vol. 1

August 19th, 2014 - Posted in Amateur

First Timers Vol. 1 Watch This Video!

Studio: Bluebird FilmsIt’s all new-cummers in this video and these tiny petite tarts love to get blasted with cum and ran through with fat cocks! Bluebird Films presents First Timers Volume 1: First Time and real life couples having sex on camera and introducing new girls to porn. Welcome to five new sexy girls in private sexy tapes waiting for men to watch them have fun on camera. AVN and XBiz best new starlet nominees: Alexis Monroe and Penny Pax’s cute looks are sexier in bed! Shae Parker likes to get down and dirty her with her man! Having sex on camera for Jessi Palmer is no joke when handling a dick!

Stars: Alexis Monroe, Jessi Palmer, Karina White, Penny Pax, Shae Parker, Michael Vegas, Sonny Hicks, Jessy Jones, Logan Pierce, Danny Mountain

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Good & Bad News

August 19th, 2014 - Posted in BDSM

Good & Bad News Watch This Video!

Studio: Girls-Boarding-School.comEmma has been stood in a corner for an hour. When Headmaster Tom returns he wants to know if she has any idea why she is in the corner. By not answering him, it’s obvious that she doesn’t. So he tells her he has some good news and some bad news for her and asks which she wants to hear first. She chooses the good news. Telling her to turn round and face him, he then holds out a piece of paper. He congratulates her on getting all the questions right. She’s passed the exam. Now she has a smirky smile on her face.

However, her bubble is soon burst – Headmaster Tom wants to know if she has any idea what happened to Lisa’s paper. Looking oh so innocent she shakes her head. “Lisa went to the toilet and when she gets back to the classroom her paper is missing.” Headmaster again waves the paper under her nose. “You took it and tried to make me believe it was your own work. Bend down,” he tells her. Using a wooden paddle he paddles her jeans covered bottom. She screams out and almost loses her balance. She is ordered to open her jeans and pull them down to her knees. Her knickers follow suit. Now the wooden paddle is applied to her bare bottom. Her once creamy white cheeks are now cherry red with some bruising.

An hour later Headmaster returns to see how she is getting on. She’s been stood in the corner again – yet she’s not ready to come out of the corner – she’s still crying. Leaving her standing there with her jeans and knickers round her ankles and her very red sore bottom on display, he tells her he’ll be back in another hour and if she’s still crying, she’ll be left for another hour and so on. Will she ever stop crying?

Stars: Emma, Headmaster Tom

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Class Reunion Again Episode 2: All About Ayu

August 19th, 2014 - Posted in Anime

All About Ayu Watch This Video!

Studio: Adult Source MediaAll together again, Ayu and Tatsuya are arguing as usual. Everyone is going to Ayu’s house for her family’s New Year’s tradition. To Ayu’s surprise, Mamoru reveals his love to her. Ayu does not know how to respond because Ayu is secretly in love with Tatsuya, although they always rub each other the wrong way. But love is twisted and you never know how it will end up. Who will win her heart and body!
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