Lasse Braun 35 - Depraved - The Debs

October 31st, 2014 - Posted in BDSM

Lasse Braun 35 - Depraved - The Debs Watch This Video!

Studio: HotOldmoviesNumber 35 from Lasse Braun

From Lasse Braun’s “Depraved” series is The Debs. Belinda and Sally are bored at home, so they get chauffeur James to drive them into the country. Once there : he ties them to the car, they release themselves, grab James, and turn their outing into a sex session!

Stars: Belinda, Sally, James

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Scissor Starring Emilly Brasil

October 31st, 2014 - Posted in BDSM

Scissor Starring Emilly Brasil Watch This Video!

Studio: Hunterotic BrasilEmilly Brasil is ready for some hardcore, face-sitting action! How do we know? Before her slave even enters the room, she’s throwing up her hands in victory! Watch her bind the girl, sit her on the floor and locks her legs around her neck. Next, she lays her on the bed and sits that big ol’ booty right on the sub’s face before practicing more scissor moves until the subjugated girl learns her lesson and taps out!

Stars: Emilly Brasil

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Adventurous Girls

October 31st, 2014 - Posted in Amateur

Adventurous Girls Watch This Video!

Studio: AbbyWinters.comSliding her hands down over Rose’s naked body, Misha grabs at her pert breasts, hourglass waist and patch of dark pubic hair which frames her pink, wet vagina. Pulling their bodies ever closer they passionately embrace, Rose sits on top of Misha; she places her hand on her groin and slips a finger inside! Moving from the chair, to the window sill and the table they take advantage of one-another’s attributes, tall blonde Misha lifting Rose up onto the table for some intense tribbing!

Dark hair brushes over Claudia’s slender naked body as Mina presses her tongue against her smooth shaved vagina, making her body tense with anticipation. Undressing each other on the sofa they explore every part of each other’s bodies. Claudia grasps at Mina’s large breasts as Mina holds tight to Claudia’s pert bum and licks her small breasts.

Stars: Mina, Rose, Misha, Claudia

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Get Your Big Ass Over Here

October 31st, 2014 - Posted in BDSM

Get Your Big Ass Over Here Watch This Video!

Studio: Joan Wise ProductionsWhile trying to enjoy a quiet moment and relax, Lexi is interrupted by the annoying Rocky. When he can’t take a hint, she decides to relax another way. The natural street fighter punches, kicks, chokes, and then uses her beautifully toned bronze legs to capture and subdue her hated male foe. She doles out scissor holds that has Rocky pleading for release. Not through Lexi uses a jack knife, a standing armbar and a devastating choke that really has him in trouble. She finishes him off by sitting squarely on his face and cruelly works over his groin first with hand, then feet. Lexi is one nasty lady who uses her legs, and other methods to punish a male.

Stars: Lexi, Rocky

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Achtung! Dicke Titten - Was Willst Du Mehr

October 31st, 2014 - Posted in BBW

Achtung! Dicke Titten - Was Willst Du Mehr Watch This Video!

Studio: MJP-VideoDo you like big boobs? These cum crazed, big boob babes like nothing better than having their big tits sucked, pussies eaten and riding a big, hard cock til’ it blows its load! Ripley, upon meeting these Tit-tanic boobies would have to question their physical existence in this world! You have to wonder if we should really be worried about falling meteorites, when we have breasts this large in the world! This Motley Mammary Crew might need LICENSES to wield these weapons of mass distraction!

Stars: Timo Hardy

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Straight Guys For Gay Eyes & For Women Too! - Billy Greene

October 31st, 2014 - Posted in Amateur

Straight Guys For Gay Eyes & For Women Too! - Billy Greene Watch This Video!

Studio: Straight Guys For Gay EyesBilly Greene is 21 years old and he’s into Martial Arts. He also admits that he’s pretty good as a Karoke singer and he’s from Ohio. Lyla Storm is a hottie and can’t wait to put her lips around his cock. She enjoys sucking his toes and licking his sweet ass. Billy is ready to fuck and they do in different positions until he shoots his load right in between her tits.

Stars: Lyla Storm, Billy Greene

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Cum In Me Daddy

October 31st, 2014 - Posted in Amateur

Cum In Me Daddy Watch This Video!

Studio: D Star Entertainment Mr. Starr has always had a weakness for the pleasingly plump ladies. Today Ms. Lady Love and Victoria Secret are two ladies who are curvy in all the right places, but what makes his big, black cock stand at attention is their confession to craving a creampie! Watch him jackhammer those hungry holes in missionary, cowgirl and doggy-style positions before rewarding them with the sticky injections they deserve for a job well done!

Stars: Victoria Secret, Ms. Lady Love, Mr. Starr

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Masked Whore Got Creampied

October 31st, 2014 - Posted in Amateur

Masked Whore Got Creampied Watch This Video!

Studio: Sex Box VideoIn Sex Box Video’s “Masked Whore Got Creampied”, a gorgeous blonde bimbo in a catwoman mask (think Michelle Pfeiffer in “Batman Forever”) gets her pussy filled by some dark knights. No, not that Dark Knight; we’re taking four black studs with the big, thick cocks that are the only things that can satisfy this masked whore.
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Cockmommie 6: Men In Trouble

October 30th, 2014 - Posted in BDSM

Men In Trouble Watch This Video!

Studio: (Irene Boss)They are unrelenting, unmerciful mistresses who will do anything to humiliate, chastise, harass, and otherwise antagonize their submissive male slaves. BDSM is now in session!

Episode 1: Casual Day at the Compound! “Big Top Cock and Customer Circus”!

Men have a dress code to follow at the Compound. Women on the other hand, do not. Irene Boss meets Cock Mommie (Madame Nadine) in punishing this casual clown. He is even dressed like a clown to emphasize the point, with a ridiculous mask. He is going to be used as a demonstration tool for Ms Boss to show Madame Nadine what goes on at the studio a little more fully. The Ladies restrain him to a CBT chair for manual NT and CBT. NT clamp are then attached with a “chicken wing” predicament arm bondage position. Ms Boss then demonstrates electric CBT via the Eros Tech. The Ladies decide to get out the clothespins to create a Pinata for their office party. Electric nipple play is explored on many settings. Madame Nadine removes the clothespins with a riding crop. Ms Boss and Madame Nadine speak in Pittsburghese. Corporate Clown is moved to the Cross for a double flogging as well as a paddling and cropping. Round 2 commences. It’s worse the second time around. While Madame Nadine twists and electrifies his nipples, Ms Boss whips the clothespins off and Madame Nadine has a turn with a riding crop. The action then progresses to the sling for a double bang. Take the Mandingo cocks!

Episode 2: “Hotel California with Cock Mommie”.

Truly a date from hell! Reality FemDom filmed at Dom Con LA. Cinderfella is so shell shocked from having to serve CockMommie for days on end that he goes to the wrong room for their scene. She is a Giantess who towers over him! He is made to worship feet and then commanded to strip. The weekends play is evident on his body. He is locked in a kali’s teeth bracelet for chastity, and his balls were recently infused by Ms Boss and Mistress Chase. While she snaps her gum she spanks his pasty ass and twists his nipples. The horror of the clothespins again! He is tied face down to a glass table for foot worship and foot gagging. He is flogged in the bathroom and humiliated with his head in the commode. Madame Nadine straps it on, removes her shoes, and becomes a butt pirate. He eats a banana from her strap-on as well!

Episodes 3 and 4: “Man Maid” / “Ass Slam Toe Jam”

Domestic Discipline gone awry! Madame Nadine alights the stairs at the Compound in gorgeous black lingerie to find her slave for the evening who has been under the The Boss for the last 3 hours. Ms Boss has shaved, enemized and feminized him so he is ready for duty. Ms Boss comments on their height discrepancies. He looks like a shrimp next to Madame Nadine who he must address as “Cock Mommie”. He is a slovenly housemaid so must be trained on how to make his slave bed. She verbally berates him constantly for his ineptitude. Since he is sweating all over the place, Madame Nadine turns a large fan on which makes his job even more difficult. Ms Boss becomes so annoyed she walks back upstairs, shoves him to the side, and makes the bed herself in about 2 minutes. He is then made to dust the Ladies bedroom like a sissy fairy. He is disciplined with the very implements he has cleaned. Wood, lexan, and leather are explored. There is a cock sucking lesson followed by proper boot service with culinary humiliation. He is made to eat his dinner from Madame Nadine’s toes and consume a nasty cocktail. How embarrassing. Show Mommie how the piggies eat! This debacle is wrapped up with foot kissing.

Stars: Domina Irene Boss, Madame Nadine, Mistress Chase, Cinderfella

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P.O.V. BJ & Fuck

October 30th, 2014 - Posted in Amateur

P.O.V. BJ & Fuck Watch This Video!

Studio: At Home Horny ProductionsSexyscorpionxxx is back and she’s ready for another round of hardcore pounding—this time with her faceless cameraman. She starts off with some dirty talk as she blows his cock until it’s rock-hard. From there, she’s ready to surrender her moist, pierced pussy to be fucked deep and rough. And what would a hot fuck be without a massive facial at the end? Without a doubt, this is one that you don’t want to miss.

Stars: Sexyscorpionxxx

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Face Slapping Starring Lea Lexis And Blanka Hot

October 30th, 2014 - Posted in BDSM

Face Slapping Starring Lea Lexis And Blanka Hot Watch This Video!

Studio: HunteroticLeah lexis is back with young brunette Blanka Hot. Leah pinches Blanka’s cheeks, they are perfect for slapping and she can’t wait. Leah keeps hitting her and says “I don’t think that’s hard enough”. There is hair pulling and eventually Blanka begins to cry. Leah really likes that her hands get red from smacking her so hard in the face. She leaves Blanka laying on the floor weeping.

Stars: Lea Lexis, Blanka Hot

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Fake Agent UK Presents-Chantelle

October 30th, 2014 - Posted in Amateur

Fake Agent UK Presents-Chantelle Watch This Video!

Studio: Fake Agent UKIt’s hot, sweaty, the end of the week and I could swear I’ve seen this chick before. She swears that she ain’t been here before… Well, I do fuck a lot of girls, so who knows? All I know is she said she’d do anything to get job, and in my book that goes a long way, so she’s definitely staying. I dispense with the chit chat and get down to brass tacks. The only thing I offer her is porn and told her if she ain’t interested in that she can go kick rocks. Within minutes she was taking off her skimpy clothes revealing a tanned, slim and incredible body leading up to a great pair of tits. Perfect. So I get her digits to work, then mine, bringing her nicely up to operating temperature, purring nicely, ready for a bit of cock sucking. Holy shit, this chick didn’t mess about, and makes my cock disappears in an instant, really putting in a lot of effort. Her eyes were fucking streaming! She was so good at it I got her into my favorite deep throat position. Where again she swallowed the whole length without any problems. Good girl. Then after getting her to lick my arse she got on top and really gave her leg muscles a proper workout. Reverse cowgirl then cowgirl, what a ride. I then finished off by pounding her pussy from behind and filling it full to the brim with my man muck. What a way to end the weekend.

Stars: Chantelle

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Boot Babes

October 30th, 2014 - Posted in BDSM

Boot Babes Watch This Video!

Studio: Julie Simone ProductionsJulie Simone has a special treat for all you pervy boot fetish fanatics out there! She brings us ten scenes of nothing but tall, leather boots on hot as hell Dominant women! Leather boots, stiletto boots, shiny boots, boots for worshipping, boots for licking, and heels and toes for sucking! Do you think you’re worthy of these boots? With Julie Simone, Bella Vendetta, Madison Young, Domina Shannon, Nikki Sebastian, Ivy Thornton, Samantha Grace, Mina Thorne, and Emily Tyrant starring in solo and POV scenes with fabulous boots being worshipped in all the ways you wish you could.

Stars: Bella Vendetta, Nikki Sebastian, Ivy Thornton, Mina Thorne, Domina Shannon, Emily Tyrant, Madison Young, Julie Simone, Samantha Grace

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Hot Feet Kisses Starring Manuela

October 30th, 2014 - Posted in BDSM

Hot Feet Kisses Starring Manuela Watch This Video!

Studio: Hunterotic BrasilOne dominant female keeps one foot on each of the submissive girls head. Manuela is in a bra and panty set and her girlfriend is in a bikini. Then the girls are instructed to suck on her feet. The girls must suck on her toes and her heels. She jams her feet into their mouths. She makes Manuela lay on top of her girlfriend as she sticks her toes in between their mouths so they get feet and each other’s tongues.

Stars: Manuela

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Best of Freshfruit - Nachbarsluder

October 30th, 2014 - Posted in Amateur

Best of Freshfruit - Nachbarsluder Watch This Video!

Studio: Freshfruit - Rotten FruitThe best private horny amateur fruits from the fresh fruit Universe: Black and white girl-on-girl action, peeping tom voyeurs, industrial workshop hardcore fucking, car mechanic action, pussy shaving, and even kitchen fucking. These amateurs don’t know what it means to be camera shy! Seven couples enjoy and devour each other with a carnal fervor until they both climax; facials included.
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Just Put It In Your Mouth

October 30th, 2014 - Posted in Amateur

Just Put It In Your Mouth Watch This Video!

Studio: D Star Entertainment D. Starr is the self – appointed champion of the porn world and he’s brought out his championship belt to prove his status! And D. Starr has brought along Chocolate! Chocolate is a mocha – skinned beauty from Detroit. Chocolate has been very curious about making a movie and giving the adult film business a try. And now is her chance with D. Starr! Don’t miss Chocolate put it in her mouth!

Stars: Chocolate, Mr. D Star

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October 30th, 2014 - Posted in Anal

Ruthless Watch This Video!

Studio: Tug ZoneFour young and very pretty girls that love anal. They get those tight holes stretched and rammed with fingers, toys and a big cock. All four scenes have anal and all these horny girls having gaping holes. Lora who appears in the first scene goes to the extreme as you shall see. It’s amazing to watch, the man who takes over her ass is “Ruthless” with his big cock.

Stars: Eva Cats, Benta, Nonac, Lora, Timo Hardy

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Ninja Episode 3: Kunoichi’s Dynamic Sex Moves

October 30th, 2014 - Posted in Anime

Kunoichi's Dynamic Sex Moves Watch This Video!

Studio: Adult Source MediaShinobu is a female ninja, or in Japanese, a Kunoichi. She can be very effective in neutralizing her opponents in the heat of battle, but these men think they can subdue her if she doesn’t have a chance to use her skills sexually! Little do they know, her sexual super moves will both pleasure and destroy her enemies! This lusty female ninja will blow your mind with her dynamic sex moves and will arouse all your sexual desires. Watch her use her entire body, from her breasts to her pussy to defeat her foes for good!
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