Muscle Stripper Muscle Menage

April 24th, 2015 - Posted in Extreme Penetration

Muscle Stripper Muscle Menage Watch This Video!

Studio: Iron BellesEver wonder what happens when a muscular couple decides to order up a stripper girl that also is muscular? Power goddess and her male friend order a female stripper Debra D’Andrea and much to their pleasant surprise as she takes off her robe they see muscles on her too! Debra starts her dance and gets too excited seeing these two muscular hot people on the couch watching her. The action picks up into high gear here with this muscle ménage engaging in pussy eating, nude body triad scissoring, female pussy eating and more. Muscles n Flesh popping out all over…each enjoying the other incredibly…and a happy ending to boot! Plus the two female muscle girls enjoy a big kiss at the end atop their male counterpart.

Stars: Debra D’Andrea, Power Goddess

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Kiyomi Koizumi Nakazono

April 24th, 2015 - Posted in Asian

Kiyomi Koizumi Nakazono Watch This Video!

Studio: DreamStageKiyomi Koizumi Nakazono features two lovely Asian women who don’t need any convincing when it comes to getting down and dirty. They love to be fucked and these lucky guys take total advantage of their cock-craving. Groping, sucking and fucking are all on the menu for these mature babes!
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Sensuous Session

April 24th, 2015 - Posted in BDSM

Sensuous Session Watch This Video!

Studio: Lakeview Entertainment

Mistress Evie is lounging in her comfortable recliner browsing through sexy outfits. The sadistic young mistress is playing with Her pussy while Her muscular slave lies under Her black stiletto high heels. Her tiny black toes peek out at the tip of the strappy heels with a five-inch spike. She is getting wet and orders slave up for tongue service. He dutifully licks Her young sweet pussy as She continues to read. She starts humping his face with excitement and needs more stimulation so She orders him to his back and sits directly down on his face. She orders him to stick out his tongue and fucks his face. She queens him and grinds. Her legs tremble with excitement and She plays with Her clit a bit as She orgasms multiple times directly on his face. She is next playing Her slave having moved him to the office. He is lying flat while She dominates him underfoot.

Mistress Evie humiliates him underfoot and delights in his groveling tongue licking the bottoms of Her shoes clean. She orders him up and ties his hands behind with pantyhose. She moves him into place and puts the black cumboard down in front of his cock and climbs up on the desk. She begins to rub his cock with Her foot and his cock immediately begins leaking precum. She asks him if he still has the taste of Her pussy in his mouth and tells him She will stomp a load out. He is groaning now and She lets off and restarts and finally grinds a big orgasm out of his twitching cock under Her high heel. Next She moves him back to the floor and has him resume cleaning Her shoes as She reclines on him.

The submissive takes a few last licks of Mistress Evie’s black strappy 4” heels and She slips them off. He is then obliged to service Her bare feet with his mouth. She stands up after dominating him with bare feet and tramples him, walking up and down and standing on his chest. She then bends the muscular slave over and hand spanks him. Getting warmed up She removes Her black dress and spanks him some more and then uses the leather dragontail on his ass. More hand spanking turns his ass red. Mistress loves hand spanking. It is very sensuous.

Hand spanking the big muscular slave has made Mistress Evie excited. She finishes spanking him and orders him to lay on his back on the desk. She moves up and over his face and grinds Her hairless young pussy on his face, using him to get off. She spreads Her lips and sensuously uses his face and tongue to please Herself. She orgasms repeatedly and then climbs off his face and allows him to worship Her perfect young breasts. Reaching out She strokes his cock and he rises immediately under Her touch. She moves to quickly put a condom on and begins to suck his stiff cock. Her sensuous mouth sucks, bites and swallows until he finally drains his balls into the condom.

Stars: Mistress Evie

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Real Lesbian Life 7

April 24th, 2015 - Posted in Amateur

Real Lesbian Life 7 Watch This Video!

Studio: Sappho Love FilmsReal Lesbian Lovers is back, this time featuring beautiful sapphic sirens Anabela and Daniela. You can see the sexual chemistry these girls share as they kiss and undress, slowly readying one another for the beautiful lovemaking they are about to embark upon. Watch as these amateur babes make each other wet enough to scissor until complete climax!

Stars: Daniela, Anabela

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Femdom Pov 6

April 24th, 2015 - Posted in BDSM

Femdom Pov 6 Watch This Video!

Studio: Kinky Europe ProductionsThe Femdoms are at it again. They are modeling for a webcam site and they are letting you see what happens behind the scenes. Between photos the girls model and pose while talking to their audience via the Internet. They demand that their audience beg for just a little peak of pink.

Stars: Morgan Moon, Rachel Evans, Princess Nikki

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Gorgeous Girls

April 23rd, 2015 - Posted in Amateur

Gorgeous Girls Watch This Video!

Studio: delivers real girls having passionate sex. They are happy, healthy, and naturally sexy girls with no makeup, no fake breasts, exploring their salacious desires for other girls. No script, just pure, unadulterated girls having sex exactly as they want to, with real orgasms and passion.
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Lover For an Hour

April 23rd, 2015 - Posted in Amateur

Lover For an Hour Watch This Video!

Studio: N-StudioN-Studio is very excited to bring you “Lover For An Hour.” The film revolves around two women who are looking for some quick and hot sex. Yes, these ladies aren’t in search of a long relationship. No, they’re just looking to get some cock! The first scene features an older woman who is in need of cock and fortunately the handy man is there to provide some labor and cock!
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Steamy Hot Muscle Girls

April 23rd, 2015 - Posted in Amateur

Steamy Hot Muscle Girls Watch This Video!

Studio: Iron BellesMs. Extreme Muscle and Emery in an incredible muscle play adventure. Watch as the women both strip down to the buff and worship each others’ muscled physiques thoroughly. Close-up shots of muscle pussy, hard thick pecs, clit bouncing on each other, great rear close-ups…if you love to see the nitty gritty of female muscle, than this is for you!

Thick muscle and sensual muscle enjoying each others’ physiques. Blonde Emery Miller and Ms. Extreme Muscle are having themselves a grand time in bed touching, feeling, kissing on each others’ muscles. And Emery just cannot believe her eyes when that big giant clit makes its appearance and stays right in your face! What glory can that be!

Ms. Xtreme Muscle and Emery are soooo hot together as they relax and get into each others’ muscular physiques in the hot tub. Steamy is another word to put this into perspective! Watch as they kiss, lick on each other, fondle each others’ muscle clitties and just totally enrapture each other!

Stars: Ms. Extreme Muscle, Emery Miller

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Seilschaften - Japanisches Shibari

April 23rd, 2015 - Posted in BDSM

Seilschaften - Japanisches Shibari Watch This Video!

Studio: Eronite Movie ProductionsIn Seilschaften – Japanisches Shibari Hera and Hagen show their skills with the ropes. Hera – the fetish film director, and Hagen – the bondage teacher – present their love of bondage. With Ropebunny Arlis and Roperabbit Rafael bondage fantasies become reality and the two fly high on the ropes in their dark dungeons.

Stars: Hera Delgado, Arlis, Rafael, Hagen

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BJ All Stars 2

April 23rd, 2015 - Posted in Amateur

BJ All Stars 2 Watch This Video!

Studio: GPicasso ProductionsGPicasso Productions is in great spirits as they present you with another edition of BJ All stars! Like the title suggests, this series pays homage to Gpicasso’s stable of stand-out and all-star cock suckers! The fans wanted a gal slightly older, but still sexy, so they brought up Pavla who is straight from Prague and doesn’t speak any English!

Stars: Pavla

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Chupacabras #5

April 23rd, 2015 - Posted in Anal

Chupacabras #5 Watch This Video!

Studio: Latin Love PicturesThe legend of the infamous Chupcabra is real! These hot Latina babes are gonna suck you dry until there’s nothing left of you! The stereotype for Latin women having fierce sexual appetites is reaffirmed yet again! A group of women that will turn up the heat; take all you can give and make no apologies or how nasty they get! Starring Lana Paes, Julia Paes, Caroline Sampaio, Amanda, and Marcia!

Stars: Amanda, Marcia, Lana Paes, Julia Paes, Caroline Sampaio, Carlao Bazuca, Alexandre Frota, Vitor Lion

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I Need To Pee 29

April 23rd, 2015 - Posted in Amateur
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Horny Mistress Influences A Schoolgirl To Go Wild And Get Fucked

April 23rd, 2015 - Posted in Asian

Horny Mistress Influences A Schoolgirl To Go Wild And Get Fucked Watch This Video!

Studio: Japanese Sex AddictsWhen a cute schoolgirl crosses path with a horny mistress looking to spice up her sex life, both ladies are in for the time of their lives! Meeting at a hotel with a guy who’s definitely ready for some down and dirty fun, watch as these three indulge in a threesome that involves sloppy blowjobs, toys and lots of hardcore fucking!
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Bag Control

April 23rd, 2015 - Posted in BDSM

Bag Control Watch This Video!

Studio: Girls-Boarding-School.comIt is the day Headmaster has decided to check the girls’ bags for contraband. Eve thinks she will outsmart him by not revealing the entire contents of her bag. But Headmaster Tom is onto her and when she says that is all there is, he inspects the inside of her bag himself. And he finds tobacco, and not for the first time. Poor Eve must know she will receive a punishment for this transgression.

The Headmaster bends her over the table and gives her a spanking with a carpet beater. Then he demands that she strip off all of her clothes and face the wall, revealing her red bottom from previous punishments. He calls in Linda and Claire to point and laugh at her red bottom, the bottom of someone who breaks the rules. Headmaster hopes Eve has learned her lesson.

Stars: Claire, Linda, Eve, Headmaster Tom

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Anal Required #5

April 23rd, 2015 - Posted in Anal

Anal Required #5 Watch This Video!

Studio: Le Wood BMCFor “Anal Required #5,” LeWood Productions has cast enthusiastic butt ladies that crave (even demand) hard-banging sodomy. Natural, pale Veruca James catches co-director/stud Mark Wood spying on her and jacking off, but she likes being peeped by a perv, so Veruca gives an impromptu, outdoor blow job. At his place her face flushes orgasmically as he porks her up the ass. Comely L.A. Latina Vicki Chase’s plump cheeks bounce as she rides dick in POV-style footage. A clear butt plug and serious sodomy make her masturbate; her pretty anus gapes; Vicki blows cum bubbles before swallowing semen. Conservatively dressed Nicki Huntsman goes door-to-door to recruit for her church … and tells Mark that churchgoers are usually the naughtiest, which she proves by inviting him to drill her asshole. (Amen!) Her fleshy, thick rump shakes and gapes lewdly. Impressively tattooed, bodaciously stacked Vyxen Steele is a flashy blonde with a filthy mouth, and mind. She eats Mark’s ass with gusto three times, and he plows her rectum soundly, in multiple positions, as she howls.

Scene 1: Her floral dress, big shades and natural tits make pale, playful Veruca James look like the girl next-door. When stud Mark Wood spies her along a sunlit dirt trail, he’s inspired to jack off. Veruca busts him … but she likes being peeped by a perv, so she sucks his big boner right there! Back at his place, Veruca strips down to her tattoos and bikini undies. He rims her white ass and puts the dark-haired adventurer through a manhandling fuck, with gagging breath control and spanking. Veruca tongues Mark’s asshole, and then eases his thick prick up her tight ass. Her face flushes orgasmically as she’s sodomized, and her asshole gapes and winks. Mark sucks her foot along the way. Veruca slurps and swallows the semen he sprays into her mouth.

Scene 2: Comely L.A. Latina Vicki Chase’s tiny, lacy shorts can’t contain her bubble butt. She teases director/stud Mark Wood, showing natural tits and peeling down her shorts to reveal ass-accentuating lingerie. He rims her butthole and shoots POV-style footage: Vicki blows and strokes his dong, spit flowing, and orally services his asshole. In more POV action, hot Vicki rides dick, plump cheeks bouncing, and sucks cock pussy-to-mouth. After Mark opens her pretty asshole with a clear butt plug, he ass-fucks her doggie-style, making her anus gape. Vicki rides cock anally. Serious sodomy makes her masturbate. Finally, Mark cum-slops her open mouth, lips and face. Fabulous Vicki blows cum bubbles and swallows.

Scene 3: In a conservative dress, blue-eyed girl-next-door Nickey Huntsman knocks on Mark Wood’s door to tell him about the exciting changes at her church. He invites the pale brunette with the toothy smile in, and she can’t keep her flirty hands off of him. They make out and kiss; he sucks the nipples on her natural tits; she stroke-sucks his big boner! Mark plows the disciple doggie-style on the floor and Nickey rides dick, her fleshy, thick ass bouncing and quivering. Mark rims her bunghole, and as he spanks her, she says churchgoers are usually the naughtiest … which she proves by inviting him to fuck her tight asshole … which he does, in multiple positions, till the drilling makes her tight anus gape lewdly. Mark creams her face with streams of semen. Amen.

Scene 4: Impressively tattooed Vyxen Steel is a bodacious blonde whose giant rack, lovely legs and hot ass spring from a little sling. The flashy beauty and director Mark Wood will use any flimsy excuse to do an anal scene together! Gag spit flows from her plump, BJ lips as she attempts to deep-throat his meat. “Let me eat that fuckin’ asshole of yours,” says the nasty talking babe, and she does, with gusto, three separate times during the scene: She’s insatiable to tongue bunghole! After a pussy fuck, Vyxen says, “I want you to fuckin’ destroy my fuckin’ asshole,” so he sodomizes her soundly, in multiple positions, as she howls. Vyxen sucks dick. There’s toe sucking, spanking, and when Vyxen kneels for a hand job/blow job, Mark semen-splashes her outstretched tongue.

Stars: Nickey Huntsman, Vicki Chase, Veruca James, Vyxen Steel, Mark Wood

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Ivicini Di Casa

April 23rd, 2015 - Posted in Amateur

Ivicini Di Casa Watch This Video!

Studio: Topax FilmItalian director Roby Bianchi brings you Ivicini di Casa, three scenes of horny, curious neighbors giving in to next-door temptations. Watch as these amateur couples experience each other’s bodies for the first time and get a little kinky for the camera!

Bonus: Behind-the-scenes footage included!

Stars: Erica Leo, Clara Tony, Ivonne Carlos

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Family Lies 2

April 22nd, 2015 - Posted in Amateur

Family Lies 2 Watch This Video!

Studio: Desperate PleasuresSexy family encounters start with Camille blackmailing daddy with sex favors. But naughty Camielle is surprised to discover an affair between her brother and sister. After catching them having sex in detention, she begins to fantasize about it so much, it becomes an obsession, and she frequently paws herself in her excitement.

After being caught with her brother, Kate leaves for an appointment with her Grandfather, the Dean. Kate makes use of her sexual prowess and gets Grandpa to give her just what she wants; passing grades!

Kate’s affair with her brother take on an even bolder position and Camille watches them secretly while masturbating in a hallway.

Finally overcome by lustful thoughts, Camille confronts her sister in the bedroom and they explore each others bodies. Their brother Russell walks in on them and joins them on the bed. Things get pretty intense and none of them hear Dad come in! Lucky for Russell, he’s already been fucking both Kate and Camille, so he joins in the family moment too. Everything goes great until they hear mom come home and everyone scatters to protect their secrets!

Stars: Kate England , Camille Black, Russell Grand, John Noble, JW

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Power Goddess - Worship & Domination

April 22nd, 2015 - Posted in Amateur

Power Goddess - Worship & Domination Watch This Video!

Studio: Iron Belles

The Power Goddess is back in action and what a muscular sight for deprived eyes she is! She saunters into the room in a skin tight electric blue knit dress with heels and her worshipper is shocked into speechlessness! She is so muscular and beautiful at the same time and he just cannot keep his hands off her.

She strikes some poses and keeps telling him to worship her body from head to toe…which is what he does. He helps her take off the dress showing off her natural and thick pectorals and then some! Power Goddess demands respect and worship from her admirer in this powerful video segment. She gives him a power bear hug and continues to strip down to the “Buff” showing all her powerful body. All through this Muscle Worship session her admirer keeps asking “Squeeze Please” which she willingly obliges.

Watch her power, see her awesome muscular physique! She is Awesome! Power Goddess carries around her admirer and he is in heaven. He keeps asking her to squeeze him. She squeezes to please! She is totally in the buff and more body worship and then he carries her around. She then throws him down to the ground and proceeds to dominate him in various wrestling holds all the while taunting him to worship her. Standing head squeezes and total nude body scissors makes this Power Goddess unbelievable and incredibly sexy!

Stars: Power Goddess, Fernando

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